__26" Bike Adult

26” wheel with unisex frame, seat heights can be adjusted for individual sizes. Best for heights 5’3” and taller. For heights 4’8” to 5’2”, select 24” Adult/Youth Bike under ITEMS. All bikes are single speed cruiser with back-pedal brakes.

Pricing includes lock and cupholder.

Helmets (no charge) and baskets (daily charge) can be added on from the main ITEMS page.

*Georgia law requires helmets for under age 16 years.


All rentals are by the day, versus 24 hours, regardless of what time the rental starts.

During peak season months of June, July & August, all Bike & Beach Gear rentals are due back by 4pm the last paid day of your rental.

In remaining months, they are due back by 4pm for day-trip visitors and by 10am the following morning for overnight Tybee visitors. (Select 4pm the last full day in both cases, and we will manually update the overnight visitors to 10am following morning on our end.)


Single Day at $18.00 daily
Multi-Day at $15.00 daily
5-Day Week at $70.00 flat
6/7-Day Week at $75.00 flat
Greater than 7 Days at $10.71 daily
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